December Spotlight: Victoria Wu (Corporate Counsel, WorkSafeBC)

1 Dec 2021 9:00 AM | FACL BC (Administrator)

Spotlight: Victoria Wu

Victoria Wu is Corporate Counsel at WorkSafeBC.

1. What is something that not many people know about you?

I am an avid volleyball player. The only times that I have stopped playing volleyball are during pregnancies and COVID. Team sports have taught me great life lessons and shaped me into who I am today.

2. How did you first get involved with FACL BC?

I heard about FACL BC when I first came back to BC to requalify as a lawyer from Hong Kong. I was encouraged by a colleague who was a Board member at the time to volunteer and get involved with FACL BC to raise awareness and provide a voice for the Asian Canadian legal professionals. I then served on the Board for two years from 2018 to 2020.

3. What has been your favourite FACL event or initiative so far?

It is hard to pinpoint one favourite event or initiative, as I enjoy all of them. I like to highlight that the mentorship program provides a great platform for law students and junior lawyers to receive mentorship from experienced lawyers who have been through the same walk as an Asian Canadian lawyer in the legal industry. I have received very positive feedbacks from the mentees that the mentorship program has provided them with tremendous support in navigating through the early days in the legal industry.

4. What advice would you give yourself if you were to go back in time?

Be perseverant. Trials in life give us opportunities to grow and build character as we overcome them. The achievements today are the fruits from the trials we have endured with perseverance and determination.

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