December Spotlight: Jessica Y. Lo (Lawyer & Estate Planning Manager, Solus Trust Company Ltd.)

15 Dec 2021 10:35 AM | FACL BC (Administrator)

Spotlight: Jessica Y. Lo

Jessica, a former Board member, is a lawyer and Estate Planning Manager at Solus Trust Company Limited.

1. What is something that not many people know about you?

Some know that I enjoy gardening, but the truth is that I'm actually probably closer to a crazy plant lady! I have a collection of over 200 plants at home, love the science behind how they grow and propagate, and have previously earned blue ribbons at plant shows.

2. How did you first get involved with FACL BC?

As a member, I was thankful to have received a lot of encouragement through connecting with other Asian lawyers. Wei William Tao then asked me to join the mentorship committee to help facilitate more of those interactions, so naturally, I said yes! Who knew that it would then lead to getting further involved as a Board member, to eventually co-chairing the mentorship committee, serving as Vice-President (Internal) and then as the National Rep. Now I'm just glad that new boards have since taken over, daring to dream bigger and continuing to grow FACL BC to what it is today!

3. What has been your favourite FACL event or initiative so far?

It's so hard to choose! I've enjoyed them all: from the family feasts and the galas, to all the mentorship socials and various talks over the years. The Asian dining etiquette event was especially fun and memorable though!

4. What advice would you give yourself if you were to go back in time?

Don't overthink things and hold yourself back; it's okay to sit at the proverbial table, ask questions, contribute ideas, and take up your deserved time and space! Also know that finding your path is a continuous process. Expect to recalibrate often and make the necessary course corrections along the way.

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