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Mentorship is an important aspect of FACL BC's mandate. Our mentorship program is focused on helping law and articling students develop into lawyers that are more passionate and productive in their professional and personal lives.


Until December 13, 2019, FACL BC will be signing up volunteers from among our lawyer members to be mentors to our law and articling students. The number of mentees our mentors are able to take on will determine how many mentees we are able to sign up for the program this year. Student sign ups will open after the close of the Mentor Drive and will continue until all of our mentee spots are filled. 

We encourage mentors to take on as many mentees as they can. Mentoring our law and articling student members is personally rewarding and key to FACL BC's mandate of promoting equity and opportunity for Asian Canadian lawyers. 

Mentors are encouraged to interact with their mentees in whatever way works best for the pair, including discussing files, observing court appearances, or talking about life in the legal profession. You set the schedule and the level of involvement is entirely up to you. The obligation is not typically onerous but can be particularly invaluable to our student members who may be less likely to have those sorts of contacts in their personal circles. 

More junior lawyers are actively encouraged to sign up as well. Students often report that they benefit from the recent expeience of junior lawyers. After all, these students will soon be following in your footsteps. 


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